"CHANGE IS THE ONLY CONSTANT" and work as we know it is changing............ rapidly!  

Emerging technologies are set to transform the workplace - the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  




We source the best IT and Cyber Security Talent on the market and in the market.  Finding and hiring the right talent, in a timely manner, is more important than ever to maintain and enhance critical technology services, create innovative and memorable customer experiences [CX] and secure the organisation's competitive advantage. 

Performance-based hiring and modern interview techniques, recruiting against competencies, enables Hiring Managers to target applicants, not only with the right skill set and fit for current vacancy but applicants who can drive business forward in the future.   



Want to reach your potential and fufill your career aspirations?   A professionally written resume that is ATS compliant together with a quality LinkedIn profile, interview tips, interview practice and mentor support will find you your next job role or take you to the next stage in your career.

Let us work with you to build your Resume, one that will give you the best chance to get to interview with a Recruiter or Hiring Manager for the job of your choice, in the area of your expertise.

Just left School?   Early, middle or late in your career or attempting a career change or career pivot?  If so, a professionally written, well presented Resume is your essential first step.

Our Resume Writers provide three simple combinations:  

  1. Tailored Resume with Cover Letter - 
  2. Tailored Resume with Cover Letter and updated LinkedIn Profile -
  3. Tailored Resume with Cover Letter, updated LinkedIn Profile and in depth Coaching session on how to "Pitch" yourself to a Recruiter or Hiring Manager.   


During periods of business transformation, digital disruption and change, resulting stress has been found to have a significant impact on an employee's physical and mental health as well as workplace performance and staff retention.

Professional development is critical to organisational success. It provides an opportunity to strengthen employee engagement, develop Brand Ambassadors and provide the scope to become an Employer of Choice. 



We offer research informed, evidence-based workshops to help employees manage change and build resilience and workshops to help HR and Hiring Managers reduce time to hire and secure the right applicants for the business. 

  •    Interview Training for Hiring Managers
  •    Performance-based Hiring 
  •    Agile career planning
  •    Resilience Training in the Workplace 
  •    Psychometric testing and personality profiling 
  •    Change Management in the Workplace
  •    Leadership Coaching


While the expectation of career "Transition" has become more commonly accepted, HOW it is conducted presents the challenge for employers.   

Negative tweets and social media posts by departing employees can influence a company‚Äôs Brand and reputation, with a flow on effect to future recruitment, productivity and retention of existing employees.

In reality, it is increasingly unlikely an employee will have the same job throughout a whole career or even have a long career in the same field.

The modern employee will probably experience several career transitions due to M&A forcing role changes and redundancies and company restructuring due to ongoing changes in technology. 

Our focus is to provide services that empower clients to benefit from ongoing workplace changes.  

We care about you, your company and your Brand and are here to support your company through the redundancy process. We offer compassionate, cost effective outplacement services that gives each departing employee, the necessary tools to ease the transition to their next career, while helping protect your company's brand.


  • The Barra Group's Psychologist and professional Career Coaches and Counsellors provide knowledgeable and personalised  1:1 support and group workshops.  Our Coaches and Trainers have experience across a variety of industries and job roles in both the public and private sectors, having worked with employees at all levels, from entry level, to mid-level, senior management and executive.
  • The goal of offering support, guidance and workshops is to help departing employees' transition to their next career and effectively manage their stress.  Research evidence suggests comprehensive customized outplacement practices can help achieve this result.

      Our services include -

  •   Lifestyle checklist
  •   Job Boards and developing a job search strategy 
  •   Goal oriented Career Coaching
  •   Tailored Resume and Cover Letter preparation
  •   LinkedIn Page development
  •   How to build a Network to tap the "hidden" job market 
  •   The importance of social media branding
  •   Coping with career transition in an era of change.