The best Outplacement services are those that meet the needs of both Employer and Employee. 

Outplacement is a support service usually paid and provided by an employer as part of a redundancy package, to ensure departing employees do not feel abandoned and can see support is in place to help find them a new job.

A well-planned, transparent Outplacement service demonstrates the Employee's contribution has been valued and helps reinforce retention and commitment to ongoing productivity, by remaining staff.

Departing Employees who feel they are forgotten by their Employer, with no Outplacement Career Transition support are more open to writing negative reviews on social media, damaging the company‚Äôs brand, reputation and future recruitment prospects.

While the expectation of Outplacement Career Transition support is becoming more accepted, HOW to conduct it often presents a challenge for Employers.

At the Barra Group we offer a personalised, cost effective Outplacement Career Transition programme that gives each departing Employee, the necessary tools to ease into their next career while providing a sense of control in a situation where they may feel they have none. 

Our focus is to provide an Outplacement support service that empowers all stakeholders, throughout the redundancy process. 


As companies restructure and advances continue in technology and AI, it is unlikely any Employee will have the same job throughout a whole career or even a long career in the same field.

But to be made redundant is a daunting experience, for anyone.

Losing your job can impact your sense of wellbeing and negatively affect your mental health, your finances, personal relationships and most importantly, your confidence

With the right Outplacement support and planning, you can start making your move towards a successful next step in your career.

We offer Holistic Outplacement support to provide a feeling of well being, to bring back a sense of control over your life:

  * A professionally written resume, Behavioural Interview coaching, a fresh LinkedIn profile, and video interviewing tips.

  * Job search strategy.        

  • I:I Psychologist and ongoing  professional High-Touch Career Counselling to provide knowledgeable and personalised Outplacement support together with group skills workshops, if required.
  • Our Counsellors have experience across a variety of industries and job roles in both the public and private sectors, having worked with employees at all levels of management to CEO level. 
  • Research evidence has found comprehensive customized Outplacement Career Transition practices can help a departing employee's transition to their next career as seamlessly and effectively manage their stress*.


*Westaby, J. D. (2004). The impact of outplacement programs on reemployment criteria: a longitudinal study of displaced managers and executives. Journal of Employment Counselling, 41(1), 19-28.