Our goal is to provide quality counselling, support and guidance to help people build stronger relationships and move forward with their lives. 
We use techniques designed to affect positive and immediate changes in a person’s quality of life and coupled with Relaxation Techniques develop treatment plans and goals based on well-founded psychological theory and research. 

Specialization includes individual and family relationship counselling for:

•    Depression
•    Anxiety
•    Grief and Loss
•    Anger Management

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How long will my psychological treatment take?

Each psychological consultation generally lasts around 50 minutes.  However, the overall length of time you spend will in treatment will vary depending on your situation.  Some issues take just a few sessions, although most clients attend between 8 to 12 sessions. The length of time depends wholly on the goals you set and the time frame you would like to work in.

Can I claim consultations with Medicare?

Yes.  A consultation with a Psychologist is claimable through Medicare, provided you are on a Mental Health Care Plan.  A Mental Health Care Plan will be prepared by your General Practitioner who will listen to your situation and assesses what help is needed, set goals and select the most appropriate treatment.  Your General Practitioner will then prepare the Mental Health Care Plan for you, which you must bring to your first appointment with the Psychologist.

Do you have a Medicare Easy-Claim Terminal?

Yes. This means that you do not need to visit a Medicare office to claim the rebate. The rebate is processed on the spot once payment is received at the end of a consultation.  You need to bring along a card which is linked to your cheque or savings account so that the rebate can go into this account. The Medicare rebate for the service is transferred to your savings account within minutes of the full account being settled.

Can I claim through private health funds?

Yes.  There are some private Health Funds that will allow you to claim consultations with a Psychologist.  However, you can only claim from Medicare or your Health Fund.  You cannot claim from both.